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Melton Ranch

map of Melton Ranch

Area:  NE

Size:  1,015 acres

Location:  San Miguel County

Eco-Region:  Southern Shortgrass Prairie

Conservation Values:  Agriculture, Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat

Type of Project:  Donated Conservation Easement

Date Completed:  November, 2004

The Melton Ranch is located two miles east of Las Vegas and approximately two and a half miles north of the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge. The property consists entirely of open grassland and is part of an 11,000-acre cattle ranch. The property provides a natural habitat for mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and a variety of small mammals and birds, including coyotes, golden eagle, prairie falcon and rough-legged hawks. The property also provides tremendous views of Las Vegas and the Sangre de Cristo Range which forms the city’s spectacular mountain backdrop.