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NMLC Honors Sid and Cheryl Goodloe

Date:  12/9/2011

Sid and Cheryl Goodloe are owner-operators of the Carrizo Valley Ranch near Capitan, New Mexico.  They have used science, innovation and a great deal of common sense in their application of holistic resource management principals to their livestock operation, which has resulted in the dramatic improvement and recovery of grassland and riparian areas on the ranch.

Sid also currently serves as a Board member of the Quivira Coalition and the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association.  Sid is also a founding member of the New Mexico Riparian Council, a member of the National Commission on Wildfire and a past member of the Users Advisory Board to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.  He has also worked as an international livestock consultant in many countries around the world including Kenya, Australia and Brazil.  Cheryl serves on the Board of the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance.

In 1998, Sid founded the Southern Rockies Agricultural Land Trust (SRALT) to help protect and conserve working family ranches around New Mexico.  Since the organization’s inception, Sid has served as President of the Board and Cheryl has served as SRALT’s Executive Director.  During their tenure they protected over 13,000 acres of high- conservation value ranchland throughout New Mexico.

In the fall of 2011, SRALT made a decision to transfer all of its conservation easements to the New Mexico Land Conservancy and to subsequently dissolve the land trust.  However, both Sid and Cheryl plan to remain involved with agricultural and land conservation issues.  Among other things, Sid has agreed to serve as a Working Lands Advisor on NMLC’s Board of Directors and will continue to assist our organization in protecting and conserving working farms and ranches around the state.  Since Sid and Cheryl tend to operate as a team, we expect that Cheryl will continue to be involved in private land conservation issues as well.

On behalf of the Board and staff of NMLC, we want to acknowledge and thank the Goodloes for their contributions to the New Mexico land trust movement and to the principals of sound private land conservation and management.  We intend to provide good stewardship for the easements with which SRALT has entrusted us and look forward to carrying on their commitment to the protection and conservation of significant agricultural land, wildlife habitat and scenic open space throughout New Mexico.

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