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Gary Gundersen

In 2004, the Taos Land Trust (TLT) transferred four of its easements to NMLC, including the Jacona Farm located just west of Tesuque in Santa Fe County. 

The original grantor, Helenty Homans, donated the conservation easement to TLT in 1997. Since the donation, Ms. Homans has created a community housing trust on the property and has promoted and supported the inception of an organic farm on two acres of land.

The operator of this farm is Gary Gundersen, a native Chicagoan who moved to New Mexico in 2001.  Gary grows a variety of organic food products on the farm with his wife and daughter and sells them at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

Having the conservation easement over the farm ensures that the land will stay in local food production, by preventing further subdivision and development of the land.  Gary appreciates this, saying that “knowing that we can farm this land in perpetuity gives us a fundamental security that is vital as we face each growing season.”

Small farms in New Mexico are constantly under threat.  NMLC continues to work with small landowners to help preserve their farms and support their contribution to the local economies of New Mexico. NMLC is pleased to have one of its smaller easements produce organic foods and help support the local food movement.

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