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Executive Director:   Scott Wilber

Southern New Mexico Project Manager:   Ron Troy

Conservation Project Manager:   Connor Jandreau

Stewardship Coordinator:   Alex Silver

Office Manager:   Barbara Godbey

Communications & Marketing Mgr:   Sandra Halpin

Scott Wilber
Executive Director

Scott has 25 years of experience working in natural resource management, land conservation and community development throughout the Rocky Mountain West and Latin America. He joined NMLC in 2004, first as its Conservation Director, and then was named Executive Director in 2006.

Scott has worked previously for The Trust for Public Land, Colorado Open Lands, The Nature Conservancy, the Tropical Forest Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service. He grew up in Wyoming where he gained his love for the land and the great outdoors. He also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras and still speaks pretty good Spanish for a gringo. Scott has a B.S. in Forest Management from Northern Arizona University, and a M.A. in Geography and Latin American Studies from University of New Mexico.

Contact Scott by Email:
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Ron Troy
Southern New Mexico Project Manager

Having been raised in Idaho and marrying into a New Mexican family, Ron has worn out the roads along the Rocky Mountains between Idaho and New Mexico.  Prior to joining NMLC, Ron spent seven years focused on protection and restoration of Chinook salmon and steelhead habitat for The Nature Conservancy in Salmon, Idaho.  Ron’s previous experience also includes fishing and whitewater guiding out of Salmon Idaho, wildlife research in Idaho and New Mexico, commercial real estate in Boise, Idaho and a small farm and ranch operation in Hondo, New Mexico. 

Ron holds a B.S. in Finance from University of Idaho, a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University, and an M.S. in Biology with an emphasis on Ecological Restoration from Idaho State University.  Ron is based in Silver City helping NMLC establish a greater presence in the southern part of the state.

Contact Ron by Email:
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Connor Jandreau
Conservation Project Manager

Connor Jandreau joins NMLC with a background in conservation biology and conservation partnerships in the intermountain west, Canada and East Africa. Connor holds a B.A. in studio art, a B.S. in fish, wildlife and conservation biology, both from Colorado State University, and an M.S. in Natural Resource Management from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He is especially interested in the new face of collaborative conservation taking flight across the West, and the interplay between tradition and innovation with respect to living on the land ‘without spoiling it’.  As an avid outdoorsmen, he also revels in the chance to explore New Mexico’s backcountry, whether with skis, boots, bikes, or boats. 

Contact Connor by Email:
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Alex Silver
Stewardship Coordinator

Alex Silver joined NMLC in 2018 as the Stewardship Coordinator, working to expand the land trust’s monitoring and stewardship program and to assist landowners with meeting their conservation goals. A graduate of the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, Alex’s conservation background is in terrestrial ecology and social issues and includes prior work with the Headwaters Land Conservancy and the Department of Natural Resources of Michigan. Alex is inspired by dynamic land-use planning that integrates the built environment and open spaces. Alex loves travel and outdoor exploration, the humanities, and discovering the uniqueness of New Mexico and the Southwest.

Contact Alex by Email:
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Barbara Godbey
Office Manager

Barbara is a long-time New Mexican who cherishes the unique landscape of her native home.  She has over 18 years’ experience with office, data, and financial management.  She enjoys her dogs, gardening, cooking (she makes a mean pumpkin cheesecake!) and healthy living.  She looks forward to working with the non-profit community and helping to preserve New Mexico’s land heritage.

Contact Barbara by Email:
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Sandra Halpin
Communications & Marketing Mgr

Sandra Halpin is NMLC’s Communications & Marketing Manager, a position that unites her deep passion for nature and creative expression. Sandra’s career spans some 35+ years in Communications, ranging from USA Today, People and Ms. Magazine, to founding an alternative weekly newspaper in rural Wisconsin. Sandra also spent 5 years working with ranchers and landowners as Communications Manager for the Center for Holistic Management in Albuquerque before moving to Santa Fe to launch her own real estate brokerage and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Santa Fe University of Art & Design.  Sandra’s deep love of the land is the reason she has made New Mexico her home for 20-some years. In addition to creative pursuits, she rescues Saluki hounds and free courses them in the wide open spaces of New Mexico whenever possible. Sandra is delighted for the opportunity to contribute to preserving the ranching heritage and the extraordinary Southwestern landscape through her work with the NMLC. 

Contact Sandra by Email:
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