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Located in the heart of the Community College District on the south side of Santa Fe, the Petchesky Conservation Center is the headquarters of the New Mexico Land Conservancy.  It was formerly the ranch home of Gene and Jane Petchesky, a couple well-known throughout the state for their business achievements, philanthropy and love of horses.  A passionate conservationist, Jane Petchesky donated the ranch house and 262 acres of land to NMLC in February of 2009 in support of our mission.

After some planning and minor remodeling to prepare the home for its new role, a Grand Opening took place in June of 2009. In addition to housing NMLC offices, the Petchesky Conservation Center will be used as meeting and event space, generating revenue for operating expenses and conservation efforts.  Changes and improvements continue to be made.

The Petchesky Conservation Center will also function as an education center for land conservation.  Its location in the heart of Santa Fe Community College district is ideal for this purpose.

Two hundred and forty acres of the Petchesky Ranch were placed under a conservation easement by Jane Petchesky in 2004. The property also includes a trail easement along Arroyo Hondo that Jane Petchesky granted to Santa Fe County in 2005.  The trail will be part of a larger trail system planned by the Santa Fe County Trails and Open Space Division for the Community College district.


Petchesky Conservation Center

History of the Ranch

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Listen to a 2009 interview of NMLC’s Executive Director Scott Wilber on Santa Fe Public Radio’s Journey Home with Diego Mulligan.  Scott discusses the Petchesky property, the activities of the NMLC, and how conservation easements work and benefit both landowners and the public. (19 min.)

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