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to promote land conservation

The mission of the New Mexico Land Conservancy is to preserve New Mexico’s land heritage by protecting significant wildlife habitat, productive agricultural lands, natural and cultural resources, scenic open space and recreational lands for conservation purposes and human benefit throughout the state.

The primary tool we use to achieve our mission are voluntary conservation agreements or conservation easements. Conservation easements are flexible legal documents that restrict certain uses of a landowner’s property.  In the Resources Section of our website, we explain what easements are, who might want to consider an easement, how to go about completing an easement, and even sample documents involved in the easement process.

Usually accompanying the decision to complete a conservation easement, is the consideration of the financial benefits that a landowner might obtain from the process.  We’ll help you understand the tax incentives associated with the donation of a conservation easement.

Beyond our direct on-the-ground work, the New Mexico Land Conservancy supports land conservation by conducting outreach and education across the state.  We work with governmental agencies, community groups, and other land conservation organizations to support important initiatives that will further land conservation in New Mexico. We also work to educate the general public on issues related to land conservation.  On our publications page, you can find documents and newsletters relating to these efforts.  We invite you to subscribe to NMLC News & Updates.  We will keep you informed when something significant occurs involving land conservation in New Mexico.


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